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Original Poetry: To a Life I Obligate

To a Life I Obligate My soul slashed, yet, pain not the logic be. But if to scratch an itch deep beneath my surface. If pain, the side effect of enlightenment- enlightenment the itch be scratched- then Lord will it. Grip thy knife. Human being innately adherent to time, But, the shallow prove temporary. A… Continue reading Original Poetry: To a Life I Obligate

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My Message of Love

Facebook is filled with links to articles that talk about love and relationships. Oftentimes, these articles are in the form of checklists. "If it's real love then your relationship has these 10 things". "If he really loves you then he will do these 15 things". "Your relationship will fail if you say these 9 things".… Continue reading My Message of Love

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Just a Little Quiet

I have this really strong urge to go somewhere secluded. In the mountains, maybe. Where the tree canopies and the sunsets make my shallow, habitual need for constant entertainment obsolete. I would live in a shack where the natural cross breeze would act as my air conditioning and the rays of the sun would act as… Continue reading Just a Little Quiet