Dear Liv

Dear Liv,

You are an hilarious and creative person. you have way too many interest and you talk way to much. You are passionate about so many things and you do everything with your whole heart. You are giving and you love so deeply, but you are also kind of a bad ass and you don’t take any shit. I like to think that you are the perfect mix of April Ludgate and Leslie Knope. (If you don’t know what I am referencing, get your life together and look it up) You were born in the wrong era and sometimes I think that you are an 80 year old trapped in a teenagers body, but you use that to make this world a better, more quirky place to live. You are unique and there is no one else like you. But where the hell did you go?! You are completely gone you MoFo!

ED has gotten into your brain and stolen the true essence of who you are. Now you are irritable and unpredictable and you have abandoned the things in life that are most important to you. Some day, though, I think that you will come back to all of us. I miss you and I think that other people miss you too. You still have the inner strength to turn this from a trouble to a triumph. Harness it and come back home.



(Plot twist. I’m Liv)


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4 thoughts on “Dear Liv

  1. In’s and out’s the ways to go and the strivings all cost so much. I sometimes wonder when or if it will all end. Glad to think that there is a place to go if I ever need it.

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