Hi I’m Liv


I have never really talked about who I am as a person. I like to separate myself from my writing and my eating disorder a little bit, but I thought that I might need to change that.

I …

  • am a giant nerd when it comes to literature!! 
  •  love with Maya Angelou (I have read her book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 6 times) 
  • Love non-fiction
  • am Catholic but super open minded (I love Buddhism) 
  • am studying to be a special education teacher 
  • am obsessed with old, historic homes 
  • love strawberries 
  • HATE the color orange 
  • LOVE the color purple 
  • watch black and white movies almost every weekend (To Kill a Mocking Bird and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn) 
  • Think weeping willow trees are magical!! 
  • am very opinionated and outspoken 
  • am EXTREMELY impatient (I’m working on that). 
  • Want two Boston Terriers and will get them certified to be therapy dogs 
  • LOVE TRAVEL (I’ve been to France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, and all over the Caribbean). 
  • Want to join the Peace Corps. 
  • am Creole and am proud of my bayou roots 
  • Am terrified of sharks !!! (I see one and I pee :,))
  • Want to be published one day, but I don’t write enough. 
  • am very outdoorsy and love any hiking trial that is near water (river, lake, ocean) (water relaxes me) 
  • have TONS of poetry books. 
  • Love my blog and it has brought me a lot of joy ❤ 

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