Recently I have decided to change the name of my eating disorder recovery blog. I started to get really uncomfortable with the recent name Shut Up ED because I did not want my writing being solely associated with my ED. Yes, this is still a recovery blog, but I think that it’s more…

There is a lot to me, and a lot to my struggles and triumphs. And, some of the things that I go through, other people with out EDs go through as well.

Now why the name Fire Breathing Bunny ?

I love the idea of spirit animals and me and my friend Allie were assigning animals to each other one day. Allie knows a lot about me, and my eating disorder and she is someone that I talk to a lot when I am struggling, and I feel that no other person will understand. So no wonder she was able to assign an animal to me so accurately.

“Livy you just remind me of a cute bunny, but that bunny can also breath fire”.

I stared at her for a really long time, just squinting, before I yelled, “OMG that is the best compliment that I have ever gotten.”

I am not anything intimidating to look at. I do not have the ability to gain any muscle definition, I’m 5’6″, and I have a naturally narrow build. I am not coordinated what so ever. I make stupid jokes all of the time and I have a high pitch voice and laugh. But, when I need to… I can breath fire. I do not take shit, and there isn’t anything that I haven’t overcome (except for my ED, but that’s a life long process).

So…  Keep reading about the adventures of a fire breathing bunny and her recovery



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