Guest Poetry: Death By Passion

My friend recently shared some of her poetry with me and I really wanted to share it with you all!! (After her permission)

Passion for everything,

Comes at a price.

Every part of life either makes me fell

So overjoyed I think my heart will burst from my chest,

Or so angry that I fear my fist swill one day

Find a victim.

I have never know the color grey,

And I never will.

I am passionate about equality,

Spoken word and music,

Magnificent landscapes and waterfalls,

Home baked cookies and good movies.

I fall to my knees in awe,

Breathing in oceans of life.

The trees in spring,

Exotic foods,

Giggles with friends,

A good book,

All leave me endlessly going downhill

On the tallest roller coaster.

But sometimes I crash.

And believe me, when you’re going 200 miles per hour,

You learn to be grateful when only a few bones break.

And sometimes the oceans of life get trapped in my lungs,

And I forget what it is like to breathe freely.

I’ve heard before the it is both a blessing and a curse

To feel so deeply.

Well said jones never met me.

Because my life is a breathtaking sunset

on the most beautiful beach,

And I am a hurricane.

~Jade Hagan



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