Original Poetry: To a Life I Obligate

To a Life I Obligate

My soul slashed, yet,
pain not the logic be.
But if to scratch an itch
deep beneath my surface.
If pain, the side effect of enlightenment-
enlightenment the itch be scratched-
then Lord will it.
Grip thy knife.

Human being innately adherent to time,
But, the shallow prove temporary.
A mass produced defiance of thine
importance of existence be what?
Your purity answers me nothing
your crystal vase unbroken
while mine, shattered
For your ease I have resentment.
Yet, The light, hits a remnant
on the ceiling it dances
my life it enhances
romances the circumstances
to such a phenomenon-
answers there do dwell

However unyielding,
Pain. Ache. Discomfort.
The bleeding cuts. The broken glass.
Anxiety alive in its manifestations,
may I bear constancy.
For if not this
then ignorance in its place
A real life I must. So I Obligate.

Photo Credits: Me


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