Under Construction

This past summer has been one of the most pivotal times in my 20 years of existence. It is during times like that, so pivotal and monumental, that you would think I’d be publishing blog post after blog post. But the part of my brain that thinks in blog titles and in imaginative detail has remained dormant these past few months, leaving all of you with nothing to read.

I have so much to say but, for the time being, have no way of saying it. Thusly, I am going to take this time to rethink how I blog. What makes me different than all of the other 20 ka-billion bloggers out there? I am not quite sure yet. What is my art form and how to I nurture my passion for it? The answer alludes me. So I am putting my blog under construction (Metaphor? Personal growth?) Things will be disappearing and reappearing, color schemes, fonts and blog titles will be changed every five minutes and I will be taking that excruciating yet necessary journey inward.

Peace out for now you sexy MoFos! (Sorry if that’s offensive. Wait… no I’m not. get over it)


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