Do You Ever…

This week in Livy’s Brain…

  • do you ever think in Instagram captions?
  • do you ever describe people using their Myers Briggs Personality type?
    • example: “Omg he is such an ENFP”
  • do you ever wonder why people even bother wearing clothes in the summer time?
    • if everyone was naked then it wouldn’t even be that awkward
  • do you ever think that if humans had never evolved past hunter gatherer societies, Trump would never have been elected?

  •  Do you ever think that the only solution to the cheesy romantic comedy epidemic is to have everyone get an arranged marriage?
  • Do you ever wonder how truly demented the first surgeon in history had to be?
  • Do you ever think about how bored people had to be to experiment with the first recreational drugs
    • why didn’t they just read a book. Or in pre-historic times, hunt a Woolly Mammoth, or just appreciate the fact that its still socially acceptable to be naked in the summer time
  • do you ever get super annoyed with social media and think that it’s slowly killing interpersonal relationships yet, you can’t stop scrolling through you Facebook news feed?

Because I do


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